Which Rush Charge is best for me?

It depends on the device you are attempting to charge. Here is a breakdown of some popular devices and their battery levels…

  1. iPhone SE - 4000mAh

  2. iPhone XR - 2900mAh (give or take)

  3. iPhone 11 (and up) - 3000mAh

  4. Samsung Galaxy Series (average) - 4500mAh

You ask again, which is best? For your device that has a battery in the 2900mAh to 3500mAh range, you would be best served with the Max. For a battery between 3500mAh and 4500mAh, you would be best served with the Trident. For all devices with batteries above that range, consider our ALL-NEW Rush Bank 10,000mAh!


Which Rush Charge is Compatible With my Phone?

We offer Rush Charges and Rush Banks with three connections, Micro-USB, Lightning, and USB-Type C. Your phone will fall into one of those connections, unless it is from outer space, and that would be so cool!

Anyway, here is a breakdown of popular models with each connection:

  • USB-Type C
    Samsung Galaxy M-Series
    Samsung Galaxy A-Series
    Nokia 6.1 Plus
    OnePlus 6 and Newer
  • Lightning
    iPhone 5 and Newer
  • Micro-USB
    Nokia 4.2
    Samsung Galaxy A11
    Motorola Moto E
    LG K30


How do I recharge my Rush Charge?

TLDR: Plugging it into a USB Wall Block, or Laptop/CPU USB port.

Two ways are best. First, from a power source capable of charging it, 60w wall blocks are the best. Apple, for example, has 20w Power Adapters that plug into the wall outlets of your home and some compatible vehicles. While 60w ‘blocks’ are the best to plug into, you are able to also connect the USB port into a laptop/CPU and receive a slower recharge, but it still gets the job done.